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You can Cuddle a Koala, Hold a Crocodile, Snake or lizard, Play with Birds, interact with playful Monkeys and hand feed Kangaroos!

We can be found just 28 minutes from Rockhampton and 15 minutes from Yeppoon Beach

Swimming Pool at Cooberrie ParkHand Feed Kangaroos

Swimming Pool, Paddling Pool and 

BBQ facilities are available to use all year!

Have your Birthday at Cooberrie Park or we can bring the animals to your house! 
Check out the 'Parties' page for more information.

We receive no Government funding and rely solely on Admission and Donations. 

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Cooberrie Park takes care of many Sick, Injured and Orphaned Wildlife, The animals appreciate your support!!
Monkey Encounter

Candy the Koala Joey! 
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Latest News 23/01/15

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Major Mitchell and Eclectus Parrot Enclosure opens September school Holidays!Koala Joey!Kangaroo Joey
Congratulations to Cooper Sinclair who won the Name the Koala Joey competition with the name Candy. Big Brother Kyan is holding up Candy's new sign!
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Cooberrie Park takes care of sick, injured and orphaned wildlife and doesn't receive any Cassowary Enclosure Opens September School Holidays!Government funding. 
The animals appreciate your support!

Bush Walk!

   A bush w
alk has opened which allows visitors to explore the natural rainforest environment that joins on to the sanctuary.
There are lots of differant animals located on this walk including Kangaroo's, Brush Turkeys and Deer.

Two New attractions are open.
A brand new Cassowary Enclosure, along with a brand new Major Mitchell and Eclectus Parrot Enclosure .
Monkey Encounters are available! You can personally interact with these cute little Monkeys. Encounters last around 15 minutes. 
Limited spaces available
Cost $50 per person. 
Email for more information and Bookings!  
Summer time means babies. Cooberrie Park has Kangaroo Joey's and Ducklings on display!
You can help us help the wildlife at Cooberrie Park, by sponsoring one of our rescued animals. 
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